Elaine Ledbetter September 20, 1998

Because of the influence of Rev. Z. W. Gunckel during my
high school years, my church has always been of great
importance to me. My week is not complete unless Sun-
day finds me in a worship service. There I find not only
inspiration for the days ahead, but the quiet reassurance
that I am continuing to follow the call that God gave to me
when I was a child.

For most of my adult life I have taught Sunday School
classes. The age level has varied, but I enjoy teaching for
two major reasons: I learn so much myself, and it is re-
warding to know that through these sessions I have the
opportunity to challenge others. Discussion type sessions
are my favorites because of the stimulation of give and

When we moved to the Pampa area in 1951, Dr. Orion W.
Carter was pastor of the First Methodist Church in Pampa.
We joined the church immediately and our membership is
still here.

Pastors that stand out in my mind in the following years
are: Dr. Hubert Bratcher who arranged a pulpit exchange
with the Rev. Ronald Rearce of Kenton. England in 1962.
That contact was to have a great Influence on our lives as
you will see in another episode.

Dr. Woodrow W Adcock served this church during the years
of 1954 - 1961. He was a very dedicated man and I never
knew him to cancel a service for any reason. I recall one
morning during the winter when the snow accumulation
was so deep that cars could not move. He and his son,
Woody, walked several blocks to the church and Woodrow
held a full service, even preaching to his lone parishioner

Dr. Larry Vanderpool was a master story teller whose ser-
mons always consisted of three points. My husband used
to accuse him of making up many of his stories, but
whether he did or not, they always made a point that was

Dr. H. Dewitt Seago was my pastor in 1969 when I was
selected as the Beta Sigma Phi Woman of the Year. He had
a part in my recognition service.

J. B. Fowler was pastor in 1979-82. He-was an inspiration
to me in many ways and supported me in my effort to car-
pet the halls of the educational building.

In June of 1982, Dr. Richard H. Whitwam was sent to our
church from the New Mexico Conference. In August, just
as it was time for the fall programs to get under way, our
Director of Music and Education resigned without notice.
Since I was already serving as Chairman of the Education
Committee and was familiar with the operation of our
church, Dr. Whitwam invited me to become a part-time
staff member as Director of Education. I accepted his of-
fer and this proved to be one of the most exciting experi-
ences of my life. Because of my background in public edu-
cation, I was able to design teacher- training workshops,
conduct seminars on various church programs such as
our apportioned giving, and to take a prominent leader-
ship role in the District Council on Ministries. I will ever
be indebted to Dr. Whitwam for the opportunities for spiri-
tual growth he afforded me.

Rev. Kenneth Metzger is my present pastor, having come
to us in 1990. He is extremely popular, is very caring and
has a great sense of humor. His sermons are such an ex-
cellent blend of information and inspiration that they merit
much further study and contemplation. They should be
printed and made available to the congregation for that
purpose .

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