Elaine Ledbetter September 20, 1998

I know that I was called to teach just as surely as others
are called to preach. I am proud of my record and I hope I
have been able to convey some of the joy and enthusiasm
with which I faced each day.

For reasons I do not understand, I have always walked in
the sunshine; there have been no tragedies and few tears.
Often, I have asked, "God, why me?" There has never been
an answer, so I simply bow in gratitude for I have been
richly blessed beyond measure.

As I mentioned in the prologue, this was a century of spec-
tacular change. We placed men on the moon, successfully
transplanted vital organs, developed the ability to alter the
genetic code and succeeded in cloning human embryos.
What is next?

You to whom this book is dedicated face tremendous chal-
lenges. Our moral values are in disarray; the ethical di-
lemmas raised by our medical advances must be resolved;
problems relating to population increase and pollution
need attention as do other areas of pressing need.

Change will continue to alter lives. Therefore, you will need
wisdom and a resiliency of spirit never required before in
the history of mankind.

I wish there were some talisman I might give to you to
insure a good life, but that it not possible. However, I do
offer two guidelines:

    (1) Be a giver for it is only in giving that you are able to receive.
            Give of yourself, give hope, give optimism, give courage
            and most of all -- give love!

    (2) Always remember that the key to happiness is in your


In conclusion, I remind you that an important part of your
heritage is a deep and abiding faith in God. Accept it, use
it and pass it on.

Good luck and may God bless you!

Elaine W, Ledbetter


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