Elaine Ledbetter September 20, 1998

     I cannot end this Story without a word to my students.
Since I taught for 40 years I would make a conservative
estimate that there must be some 4,500 of you. Many I
remember quite well, even to where you sat in my class-
room; others have become lost in the crowd. Collectively
you were my reason for living; individually you contrib-
uted to my development as a teacher.

     Despite all the honors I won for excellence in teaching, I
know in my heart that I failed some of you and for a vari-
ety of reasons.  For some, I was not able to challenge your
abilities sufficiently; for others, I did not use the most ap-
propriate criteria for evaluating your work; and for a few, I
was not mature enough to disregard our personality conflicts

     To those of you whom I failed, I apologize and ask your
forgiveness. To all of you I Say, "Thank you for 40 happy
and rewarding years. God bless you, each and everyone!"

Sunset over Pampa, Texas, September 19, 1998

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