My Favorite Seasons

I would not want to live where the seasons do not change
for each one has its own special beauty and significance.
The one I enjoy the most is summer. To provide a glimpse
of how I feel about this enchanted time bf the year, I will
let my poetry speak.


As I walk with sandaled feet
Across the lush green fields, the sky
Extends its welcome arms,
And we are alone, my love and I.
The wind caresses me,
The sun bestows a kiss of fire,
And I find glad release
From winter's long pent-up desire.
I know a joy supreme
And happiness beyond all reason.
But to put your mind at rest -
My lover is the summer season.

... from Triumphant Moment

Summer Is My Season

Summer is my season!
You may have your air-conditioned rooms
With shutters drawn
And doors shut tight against the heat.
But give me the sweep of desert sand
and let me bathe in the shimmering waves
That dance in the noonday sun.
Secluded insects chirp a lazy song
And lizards lie in the shade of a tall saguaro
While I bask in the sun.
My soul expands,
My mind unfolds,
All of me grows in the sun
With the secret assurance that God and eternity
and I are one
In the bright gold heat of the summer sun.

... from Enfold the Splendor

End of August

Summertime, I love you so
I cannot let you go!
Your long unhurried days, emblazoned by the heat,
Unfold my soul restoring faith that life is sweet.
I yield myself to you as sunflowers seek your sun,
Knowing once again the earth and I are one.

... from Candles at Noon

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