Elaine Ledbetter September 20, 1998

In another episode I recognized some special people in the
Pampa system that were important to our science fair ef-
fort. Now I want to name a few others who are very special
to me.

KNOX KINARD - He was Superintendent in 1951 when we
came to Pampa and was the man who hired me.

L. J. (JACK) EDMONDSON - the principal who first ap-
proved the use of students as laboratory assistants in my
department. Later the idea became widespread and all
teachers used aides.

CAMERON MARSH - the principal who never failed to write
a note of congratulation when something special happened
to me. He created the slogan "Best In The West" for Pampa
High School. He was always the most fashionably dressed
man in the community.

HOWARD GRAHAM - my colleague who chaired the his-
tory department. Dedicated and inspiring to faculty and
students alike he became one of my very favorite people.
He was the one responsible for my "book ofletters" when I ·
retired .

DR. JAMES F. MALONE - the Superintendent who ar-
ranged for me to have a leave of absence to fulfill my du-
ties as NSTA president. The District continued to pay one-
half of my salary and NSTA paid the other half. He deliv-
ered the invocation at the opening General Session of my
Detroit Convention and was a head table guest at the ban-

BOB PHILLIPS - the Superintendent who purchased 100
copies of my textbook, Keys to Chemistry, before it was
state adopted in order that my students might have the
advantage of using it..

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