W.M. "Bill" Ledbetter who gave me love in its ultimate form: the freedom to be me. Without his strong encouragement and unselfish support, I could never have accomplished what I did. He deserves highest accolades for his many contributions to my career.
That fleeting moment, fragile,
unexpected, sweet embodied
All the beauty we have shared
Through all the years.
And told in silence more than any
Words we might have dared.

"My Finest Prize'
There is no place that I would rather be
Than in the hallowed circle of your arms;
There is no music half so sweet to me
As your dear voice that thrills, inspires and charms
There are no words so wonderful to hear
As those I read, unspoken, in your eyes;
There is nothing in this world I hold so dear
As your deep love. It is my finest prize.
from "Triumphant Moment"
Now Playing is one of Elaine's favorite pieces, "I'll Never Walk Alone"
Improvised by Malcolm on his Roland KR-1070 Digital Electronic Grand Piano

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