Hours I Cannot Fathom

When I reflect upon the briefness
Of the time we spent
And think what height and breadth and depth
    of meaning
Those precious hours held,
My heart is filled with awe.

As yet my mind,but dimly grasps
Their full significance.
Long dormant, emerged from their cocoons;
But vaguely sensed, stretched their shimmering wings;
Already deep, lengthened ever-deepening roots.

Truly, I am as one reborn
Into a world of ineffable beauty,
Assured that I can never fully fathom
The height, the breadth, the depth of those few hours!

Elaine Ledbetter

Music composed by Malcolm, "Hours I Cannot Fathom" in honor of Elaine and her poem, "Hours I Cannot Fathom" from "Enfold Splendor"

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