What is Music?
Music is color and light
That spans the spectrum from shades of blue
To the brilliant intensity of red.
It slides into dusk
Capturing pink and mauve,
Then moonlight and sunshine, gray day and gold,
Drowning the senses in a silver flood.

                    *      *        *

Music is a kaleidoscope.
Vignettes from the past and dreams of the future
Are revealed in the delicate arc
Of melody.
The blending of strings and brass
Evoke emotions that remain unexpressed
Save in the majestic tones of a symphony.

                   *       *        *

Music is you.
The sound of it parts the shadowy portals
Through which you come to me.
Then sight and sound,
And touch and heart respond
Until I love you best and want you most
When music fills my room at eventide.


Music composed by Malcolm, "What is Music?" in honor of Elaine and her poem,
"What is Music?"

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