published, 1969
Copyright by Elaine Walker Ledbetter

Triumphant Moment
Click on the title to hear a very moving rendition of TAPs and Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory, created by Malcolm in honor of Elaine.

Courage is the coin that life demands
Of those who seek release from little things.
The fearful grope their way with unsure hands
And feeble faith for peace no bondage brings,
Haunted ever by imprisoned dreams
Chanting in their hearts to be set free.
Bue he who dares to make a choice and teams
His zest for striving with audacity
Will gain the victory, forgetting scars,
And for one triumphant moment touch the stars.

Vignettes of You

As we talk I try to memorize
The things uniquely you that make you dear:
The way you dress, your laughing eyes,
The sound of your voice that rings so clear;
The way you write and hold your pen;
The pride with which you walk and stand
That sets you apart from other men;
The beauty of your strong brown hand,
The contours of your face; the way
Your depth of character shines through
In everything you are and do.
These vignettes portray in part
The you I hold within my heart.

Moments are for Holding Lightly

Moments such as this are fragile things,
Made for holding lightly. Time has wings,
And you can never slow its flight, nor will
You try if you are wise. Instead, distill
The essence from each moment you would keep
And look not back when it is gone, nor weep
Because it will not come again. Just know,
And feel, and hold if briefly, then let go.

Be grateful you have known it.
No one can ever own it.
(note: this is one of Elaine's favorite poems)

I Seek Your Presence

I do not know why I should worship you,
Not why I look to you for sustenance
Of all my deepest needs. There is no clue.
I only know that one day quite by chance
You opened Heaven's door for me and brought
More blinding joy in one brief hour than fed
My heart in years! So from that day I have sought
Your presence as the hungry seek for bread.

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