Photo Album of our Tour to the Holyland
January 4-14, 1999
Photo 38

The immediate entrance to Jesus' tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This point is immediately below the great dome of the Church. Inside the tomb were lighted candles. It was a very moving experience which I captured on Video and will present later using frame-grabbed scenes. This is a very holy site. We were lucky to have been able to visit this tomb. When we exited, there were already dozens in line waiting.

Long before I ever considered going to Israel, I composed "The Tomb" which is my interpretation of what Mary must have felt and thought the next morning when the great stone had been rolled away and Jesus answered Mary. If you have an audio component, this just click on your browser and listen to this piece, composed on my Roland KR-1070. I am linking you to a site I prepared for my high school teacher, Elaine Ledbetter who is also a poet, and there you will be able to read her poem as you listen to The Tomb. To go to this site, click HERE.

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