Photo Album of our Tour to the Holyland
January 4-14, 1999
Photo 88

Malcolm is video taping one of our stops at Capernaun, the house of Peter.
This is the end of the photos, and I hope that you enjoyed viewing what we saw on this fabulous trip to the Holyland!
Perhaps I can convince others of our group to submit their two best photos to be posted at a later time. Let's see. In the meantime, I would like to encourage anyone who stumbles across this website to seriously consider a trip, yes, a pilgrimage to Israel. It is beautiful, inspirational, and educational. It puts things into perspective. For me, having the opportunity to commune with members of our group and Pastors Larry Bethune, Gina Bethune, David Buck, and John Ringgold, made this an unforgettable experience. I should also say that the 5 hour edited video I made gives a much better appreciation for what we saw and did. So if you go, please take a video camera!

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