Sieversandreas madagascarianus
This new genus was  described and named in honor of  Prof. Dr. Andreas Sievers of the Botanisches Institut, University of  Bonn, by Eberhard Fischer, 1996. The story behind this nomenclatural honor is truly interesting and deserves a brief mention here. Dr. Fischer wanted to honor Professor Sievers upon his retirement in 1996. Dr. Fisher had found an undescribed plant in Madagascar and named it in honor of  Prof. Sievers.  Now, Andreas had never been to Madagascar, so a trip was arranged to travel to this country with Dr. Fischer and several close friends. Upon arrival in Madagascar, they found that they would have to travel over kilometers of muddy, unimproved roads, with long walks through Opuntia  fields before encountering the newly described genus. This was circumvented however, when Andreas pointed out a beautiful strip  of land near the Strait of Mozambique on the southwest coast of Madagascar. On this land, they found the precious Sieversandreas madagascarianus. A celebration of this discovery was in order, and Andreas and his friends consumed local wine obtained from a Cistercian monastary in Madagascar!

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