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"My Memories of Valerie"
a photo essay
of the lucky encounter with a great human being

R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.
Austin, Texas

We also took walks around our hill and there Valerie met one of our neighbors who is a furniture designer. Obviously, Valerie makes a great impression on anyone she meets!

Valerie and David also visited the tropical jungle in my greenhouse. Here the Aussie explorer expresses dismay at having lost himself in the jungle!

We also toured Mount Bonell which is a beautiful overlook where Lake Austin can be viewed. We showed Val and David Michel Dell’s home from this site. Also showed them where I proposed to Ann way back in 1960!

Val is such a perfect subject for photography, so I asked her to pose for me in many different sites and situations. You can see inside of this very beautiful and proud woman.

A “fun” trip gormet-style to the County Line for BBQ. Just wait until you sample Val’s appetite in the next photo!

A “Texas-size” rib for a world-class person!

A tour of Malcolm’s lab was a “must” on the list of things to do in Austin!

Here Val is studying some of David Nobles’ cyanobacteria in the culture room. Both David and Val enjoyed the electron microscope,

How bout this? A tour of the Texas State Capitol building and Dave and Val were given the royal Texas treatment by this Texas State Trooper!

We showed David and Valerie the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. They loved this also.

We could not expect them to leave Austin without a tour of the Central Market supermarket. Val is expressing her “hunger”!

Also after a day’s tour we came back to our home on the mountain, and here is Val taking a look at the City of Austin from a neighbor’s home.


Val herself is quite a good photographer and artist

Malcolm  captured this great shot of Valerie in a pensive yet exhilarating mood.

Malcolm and Ann also got invitations from Valerie and David to visit them, so when Malcolm had business at the Hungtington Botanical Gardens in June, 2001 he and Ann winged it to LA also to see Valerie and David. What a great and memorable visit!

We had the chance of a lifetime to see their boat (more appropriately called a “yacht”) On our outing, we saved
the lives of two guys who got themselves into trouble with jet skis (next photo)

They look “exhausted”……and they were!

Stephanie Maslow joined us on this trip. She was a lot of fun.


Way to go, Steph!

NOT the way to go, Steph!
Just kidding, but it was I who egged them on to make the ugliest face that they could. Well, Steph, that is pretty good, but you are simply not the winner because you are too beautiful to look bad, even now!

Much better, Stephanie!

Everyone got in on the contortionist act!
Yes, Valerie, you are trying hard to look ugly, but that is impossible,mate!

Now here may be a “winner” in the “ugly pose” contest.
David, you are a very good contortionist, but how about your son, Alex?

Pretty close!
Now here is Alex in a classic pose.

Well, this about beats anything that I have seen yet, for sure!!!

Download or play music that I created in honor of Valerie
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 Memories of Valerie.mp3


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created by R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.
April 23, 2002
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