Harold Charles Bold

Austin Texas Reunion,  August 1987

This is text copied from a video which was aimed at the screen as Richard Starr was reading this
interesting article about Harold. I pieced it together as best I could, then copied the text below. Hope you enjoy it! I am sure that all present remember this part of the banquet!

Vanderbilt University Article about Harold Charles Bold
(read at the banquet by Richard Starr)
On the surface, the most insouciant member of the Vanderbilt faculty is Harold Charles Bold, Professor of Biology and international authority on algae. He gives the impression of a blithe and supportive mind, as fetching as a gay little tune played on the run. It is the manner, however, not the man for Bold battles with a stout heart for such mighty intangibles as moral values and abiding faith. He is a convert to Catholicism; his strict sense of personal duty and ethical obligation is positively Kentian. He is an accomplished organist and his wife a concert pianist, and music flows like the untroubled sea from two Steinways in their Sharendale Drive home. As a teacher, his lucidity and urbane humor invigorate the bright student and awaken the dull. He is also a talented administrator, and for the second successive year is Director of the University's Summer School. Bold first came to Vanderbilt in 1932, fresh from his Columbia Ph.D. (His A.B. was from the same university, his M.S. from Vermont.). Seven years later he returned to Columbia  to teach: then in 1942, he entered the Navy, becoming a lieutenant commander, junior aide to an admiral, and finally, commanding officer of the V.12 unit at Ohio's Bowling Green State University. At the end of the war….(could not complete the  copy, sorry!)

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