115. Kuga, S. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1987. Lattice imaging of Ramie cellulose. Polymer Communications 28:311-314.

115. Introduction

The lattice imaging by high-resolution electron microscopy is becoming an important tool in studying the ultrastructure of cellulose and related crystalline biopolymers 1-6. The most crucial factor for the success of this technique is the size of crystallite to be imaged, by which the contrast of the lattice image is strongly affected. Apparently, this is the reason that lattice images have been obtained mostly with highly crystalline algal celluloses. We have shown that lattice imaging is possible with bacterial celluloses6. This material, however, is still much more crystalline than higher plant celluloses. We here report the first success of lattice imaging of cellulose from a vascular plant.

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