117. Legge, R. L. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1988 Modification of protoplast cell wall regeneration by membrane perturbation. Protoplasma 143:38-42.

117. Summary

Protoplasts derived from cells of Boergesenia forbesii regenerated aberrant cell walls when treated with cholesteryl hemisuccinate (CHS). Protoplasts treated with CHS, for a short period during the initial stages of cell wall regeneration, developed a patchwork cell wall, possessing regions devoid of cell wall. This effect was reversible, and treated cells ultimately developed a normal, confluent cell wall when removed from the CHS. Freeze fracture studies revealed that for CHS-treated cells, regions without microfibril impressions did possess intramembranous particles (IMP's) but that these regions contained small domains free of IMP's suggestive of lateral phase separation. The data implies that the physical characteristics of the plasma membrane lipid are important to the deposition of cell wall microfibrils during cell wall regeneration. This effect may be attributed to altered lipid-protein interactions, modified membrane fusion characteristics, or altered membrane flow.

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