121. Itoh, T. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1988. Development of cellulose synthesis in Boergesenia and Valonia. Protoplasma 144:160-169.

121. Summary

The development of linear cellulose synthesizing complexes (= TCs) of two selected siphonocladalean algae, Boergesenia forbesii and Valonia ventricosa was investigated by following the time course of the regeneration of cell walls with the freeze fracture technique after aplanospore induction. The following structural changes of TC development were examined: (1) TCs initiate de novo; (2) the first nucleation of TC subunits occurs within 2 hr in Boergesenia and 5 hr in Valonia after aplanospore induction, immediately followed by the assembly of cellulose microfibrils; (3) TCs increase their length during the assembly of randomly oriented microfibrils; and, (4) TCs stop increasing in length after the assembly of ordered microfibrils begins, with some time lag. The data demonstrate that linear TCs are not artificial products but dynamic entities which are involved in the assembly of cellulose microfibrils.

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