135. Mizuta, S., Kurogi, U., Okuda, K., and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1989. Microfibrillar structure, cortical microtubule arrangement and the effect of amiprophos -methyl on microfibril orientation in the thallus cells of the filamentous green alga, Chamaedoris orientalis. Annals of Botany 64: 383-394.

135. Abstract

Microfibrillar structure, cortical microtubule orientation and the effect of amiprophos-methyl (APM) on the arrangement of the most recently deposited cellulose microfibrils were investigated in the marine filamentous green alga, Chamaedoris orientalis. The thallus cells of Chamaedoris showed typical tip growth. The orientation of microfibrils in the thick cell wall showed orderly change in longitudinal, transverse and oblique directions in a polar dependent manner. Microtubules run parallel to the longitudinally arranged microfibrils in the innermost layer of the wall but they are never parallel to either transverse or obliquely arranged microfibrils. The ordered change in microfibril orientation is altered by the disruption of the microtubules with APM. The walls, deposited in the absence of the microtubules, showed typical helicoidal pattern. However, the original crossed polylamellate pattern was restored by the removal of APM. This suggests that cortical microtubules in this alga do not control the direction of microfibril orientation but control the ordered change of microfibril orientation.

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