140. Smotkin, E. S., Brown, Jr. R. M., Rabenberg, L. K., Salomon, K., Bard, A. J., Campion, A., Fox, M. A., Mallouk, T. E., Webber, S. E., and J. M. White. 1990. Ultrasmall particles of CdSe and CdS formed in Nafion by an ion dilution technique. J. Phys. Chem. 94:7543-7549.

140. Abstract

The transition of semiconductor chalcogenides from molecular CdX (X = Se. S) to bulk material has been observed in Nafion, a cation-exchange membrane. The two-phase structure of Nafion, consisting of a hydrophobic region and ionic clusters, has been utilized to form ultrasmall particles of CdS/Se by using a technique analogous to an inverted micelle microemulsion method, where the Cd ion/ionomer cluster ratio is controlled by diluting the cadmium-exchange solution with an inert ion (Ca2+). The absorption onset for the cadmium chalcogenides formed can be tuned over a range of more than 3.5 eV by varying the Cd2+/Ca2+ ratio in the solution used to exchange the acidic form of the ionomer membrane.

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