Publication 154 154. Brown, Jr. R. M., Li L., Okuda K., Kuga S., Kudlicka K., Drake, R., Santos, R., and S. Clement. 1994. Viewpoints: A Reply. In vitro cellulose synthesis in plants. Plant. Physiol. 101: 1-2.

154. Summary

This article is a response to an earlier Viewpoints article by Delmer et al 1993 (Plant Physiology 103:307-308)which criticized our three publications in Plant Physiology 101:1131-1156 on -glucan synthesis in the cotton fiber. We present evidence that our methodologies were reproducible. We also pointed out that Delmer et al completely ignored our crucial and revealing photoaffinity labeling studies. One major purpose of our response was to correct misstatements and misconceptions about our research which if left uncontested, could possibly lead to a misconstrued impression of our work.

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