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143. Mizuta, S. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1992. High resolution analysis of the formation of cellulose synthesizing complexes in Vaucheria hamata. Protoplasma 166: 187-199.

144. Mizuta, S. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1992. Effects of 2,6-dichlorobenzonitrile and Tinopal LPW on the structure of the cellulose synthesizing complexes of Vaucheria hamata. Protoplasma 166:200-207.

145. Okuda, K. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1992. A new putative cellulose-synthesizing complex of Coleochaete scutata. Protoplasma 168:51-63.

146. Brown, Jr. R. M. 1992. Emerging technologies and future prospects for industrialization of microbially derived cellulose.  In: Harnessing Biotechnology for the 21st Century Ed. M.R Ladisch and A Bose. Proceedings of the Ninth International Biotechnology Symposium and Exposition. Crystal City, Virginia. American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C. pp 76-79.

147. Drake, Jr. R. R. , Li, L. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1992. Photoaffinity labeling of cellulose synthases.   Proceedings of the Cotton Fiber Cellulose: Structure, Function and Utilization Conference, pp. 163-170.

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