1965 Publications

1965 Publications

The following is a list of recent publications from our lab. Click on the title to read the abstract.

Publications are also available for download in PDF format.  1962

4. McGovern, J. P., McElhenny, T. R., and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1965. Airborne algae and their allergenicity. Part I. Air sampling and delineation of the problem. Ann Allergy 23:47-50.

5. Smith, K. M. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1965. Replication cycle of a Granulosis virus. Nature 207:106-107.

6. Brown, Jr. R. M. and R. N. Lester. 1965. Comparative immunology of the algal genera. Tetracystis and Chlorococcum. J. Phycol. 2:60-65.

7. Smith, K. M. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1965. A study of the long virus rods associated with insect granuloses. Virology 27:512-519.


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