1978 Publications

1978 Publications

The following is a list of recent publications from our lab. Click on the title to read the abstract.

Publications are also available for download in PDF format.  1962

70. Ott, D. W. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1978. Developmental cytology of the genus Vaucheria. IV. Spermatogenesis. British Phycol J. 13:69-85.

71. Willison, J. H. M. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1978. Cell wall structure and deposition in Glaucocystis. J. Cell Biol. 77:103-119.

72. Carson, J. L. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1978. Studies of Hawaiian freshwater and soil algae. II. Colonization and succession of algae on dated volcanic substrates. J. Phycol. 14(2):171-178.

73. Sherman, L. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1978. Cyanophages and viruses of eukaryotic algae. IN: Comprehensive Virology 12:145-234. Plenum Press, New York.

74. Willison, J. H. M. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1978. A model for the pattern of microfibrils in the cell wall of Glaucocystis. Planta 141:51-58.

75. Niklas, K. J., Brown, Jr. R. M., Santos, R., and B. Vian. 1978. Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of Miocene angiosperm leaf tissues. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 75:3263-3267.


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