4. McGovern, J. P., McElhenny, T. R., and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1965. Airborne algae and their allergenicity. Part I. Air sampling and delineation of the problem. Ann Allergy 23:47-50.

4. Summary

This brief paper summarizes work using algae isolated from the air on Petri dishes which were subsequently isolated into axenic culture, then proteins were extracted using an acetone powder preparation. This material was used for skin tests on human patients. Some of these indicated a mild wheel and flare reaction suggesting that they had been exposed to this allergen and had antibodies to it. Since many airborne algae are from soils naturally, this would suggest the source. In fact, a number of farmers, who at the time plowed open fields and were exposed to dust also had reactions to these algal extracts. Obviously more work needs to be done in this interesting area.

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