72. Carson, J. L. and R. M. Brown, Jr. 1978. Studies of Hawaiian freshwater and soil algae. II. Colonization and succession of algae on dated volcanic substrates. J. Phycol. 14(2):171-178.

72. Abstract

Spatial studies of colonization and succession of` soil algae and chemical analyses of the various soils on the cinder cone of Kilauea Iki in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii are outlined. There is a positive correlation be-tween the diversity and quantity of soil algae with nutrient levels and organic matter accumulation in each locale. Three distinct edaphic biotic zones existing in this area are differentially revealed by the soil chemical composition, quantity and diversity of soil algae, and as evident variations in higher plant growth and colonization. Varying colonization and successional phases of higher plant growth around standing and fallen tree snags killed by volcanic activity also reflect variations in the soil algal flora. These variations appear largely as a function of differential water interception, absorption, and retention as well as differential accumulation of organic matter, and the initiation of various biogeochemical cycles.

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